How Long Does it Take to Get a CDL (2-24 wks)


Obtaining a commercial driver’s license is time-consuming. It’s also not an easy task. But with the proper dedication and some motivation, you will have your license before you know it. Because of the many benefits that come with having a CDL, the time and effort you will have invested will be worth it. With this …

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Semi Truck and Trailer Dimensions

semi trucks sunset

A tractor trailer is the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers designed to carry bulk freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the truck with a type of hitch system called a fifth-wheel. The fifth wheel is permanently attached to the semi truck. The king pin is a part of the semi trailer. …

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How To Start Hotshot Trucking Without a CDL


You’ve made the decision to start your own hotshot trucking business, be your own boss, and you’re gonna do it without a CDL. It can be done. Matter of fact, InterstateAuthority, who helps commercial drivers become legal in transporting goods across state lines, has been helping more non-CDL drivers lately. By the way, just because …

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How To Start A HotShot Trucking Business (Easy Step-By-Step Guide)


OWNING A BUSINESS When I was young, my mom was a truck driver. I distinctly remember having a t-shirt around this time that read “Without Truckers, America Stops,” and I have found this to be absolutely true as I have become a small business owner.  I have learned through my experience that being my own …

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