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This is quite possibly the best way to get in touch with the staff at our office. Anything submitted here sends just like an email and is delivered to everyone at The Gann Agency. We check our email numerous times throughout the day, regardless of the day, and will respond in a punctual manner. We are glad you’re here and look forward to having a conversation with you …

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Home Insurance


Your home is likely one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. That’s why having the right homeowner’s insurance policy is critical. If your home or its contents should be damaged or destroyed, you want the best financial protection you can afford.

It’s always important to keep costs under control. We understand that. So you can count on us to find the best rates on the coverage that best match your situation and your budget.

The Coverage You Need …

Biz insurance


If someone falls while visiting your business premises, or a customer is hurt by a product your business sells, you can be held responsible. That’s the risk that liability business insurance covers.

Concerns about liability insurance are significantly increasing. In a 2000 survey, only 11 percent of small business owners cited cost and availability of liability insurance as a critical issue …

Auto Insurance


Buying an insurance policy for your car, truck, or motorcycle isn’t just about complying with the law. It’s also very much about being free from having to worry about potentially devastating financial losses should an accident or theft occur.

At The Gann Agency, we can help determine the type of insurance coverage you need. We use that information to find you the best possible provider and policy — at a price that fits your budget …

Life Insurance


Buying a policy from a life insurance company is the single best step you can take to ensure the financial well-being of your family and others you care for in the case of your death. Recognized across the board as a cornerstone of sound financial planning, life insurance provides money for your beneficiary (or beneficiaries) after your death.

At The Gann Agency, we’ll help take the stress out of shopping for life insurance. You can rely on our caring and knowledgeable insurance agents to help you determine which life insurance policy is right for you …