Participating vs Non Participating Life Insurance

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Having the security of receiving a death benefit from a life insurance policy helps to know that there will be financial assistance for those we love if we were to pass away unexpectedly. When looking into obtaining coverage, there are two different types of life insurance to choose from: Participating and Non-Participating. Most of the …

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What is Spouse Life Insurance

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Spousal Life Insurance is coverage purchased for a spouse or partner. Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, spouse insurance may cover a husband, wife, common-law spouse or domestic partner. This type of life insurance is different from a traditional life insurance policy that is usually purchased. This one you don’t actually purchase yourself. …

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Semi Truck and Trailer Dimensions

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A tractor trailer is the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers designed to carry bulk freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the truck with a type of hitch system called a fifth-wheel. The fifth wheel is permanently attached to the semi truck. The king pin is a part of the semi trailer. …

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What is a Binder in Real Estate

binder in real estate

In real estate transactions, there are various binders used to get the seller and buyer to closing day. In this article we will be discussing property insurance binders.  You will learn: what a property (home) insurance binder is why they are important how to secure one what they contain what to expect after your binder …

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Bond vs Insurance (and who gets paid)

bond vs insurance

I have often wondered about the purpose of a bond. How is a bond any different than having insurance? You get a bond through an insurance company, so what’s the difference? Why are businesses sometimes required to have both? As it turns out, even though a bond is sold by an insurance agent, it is …

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Dwelling Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance

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Sometimes there is a difference in dwelling insurance and homeowners insurance, and sometimes there isn’t. Insurance companies do a great job of confusing us with their wording. I don’t believe they do it intentionally, but they do it nonetheless. I will explain the differences you should be aware of regarding a homeowners policy and a …

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