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Why Home Insurance Won’t Pay To Cut Down A Tree

I love trees. I don’t know where that love stemmed from, but I can spot a gorgeous oak tree with barely a glance. It’s just something about them that attracts my attention. To me, there isn’t anything prettier in nature than a mushroom shaped oak tree. The four in my front yard don’t have the best shape, but they are still beautiful. Maybe it’s because trees have so much age, or maybe it’s their size. I don’t know, but I think trees are a brilliant work of God’s art. Insurance companies would disagree… read more

Is Theft Limited On My Homeowners Policy?

I remember when I first stopped going to a typical gym and started a group fitness plan, Crossfit. It’s great, but there is one thing that is completely frustrating; learning the system. Learning the lingo, and it’s meaning. Learning how the exercises are performed, proper technique, etc. It’s like going to a new church or starting a new job. Everything is weird, and I’m uncomfortable because I don’t know what’s going on. The same thing happens when we file a claim and don’t get the money we’re expecting. We become uncomfortable, and frustrated because we don’t understand how it works… read more

A Stress-Free Homeowners Insurance Claim Process

It’s our most expensive purchase. Our largest asset. And it survives almost every storm. Yet, the minute we have damage to our home, we lose our mind. We get emotional and can’t see the forest for the trees. I know, I’ve been there. But I’ve learned the process, and I no longer let the home insurance claims process stress me out.

The process actually starts the minute you discover damage. And there are 3 things that should come to mind. 3 simple steps that can keep you from being stressed out… read more