Not The Best Name For An Insurance Agency

It sounded good. I liked having my name in the business name. Who wouldn’t? It was an emotional decision, not a great decision. It doesn’t say anything about insurance, and it starts with the word THE!!! Rarely should a business name start with The.

Think about successful businesses. To name a few: Yahoo, Google, Target, Chick Fil A. It takes alot of money to promote a name that doesn’t promote itself. For instance, The Gann Agency doesn’t say anything about what we do. It basically says somebody’s name is Gann, and it’s some sort of agency. It’s not a great name for a business. Compare it to Insurance Services of Arkansas, or Insurance Agency of Arkansas. I got caught up feeding my ego and have regretted it ever since.

It’s not a Google’able name either. Rarely would the name alone pull anything related to insurance. Gann’s Insurance Agency would have been a better choice. At least a search for insurance agency would somewhat correlate in Google.

Another problem with our name is using the word The. I can’t stress enough how much of a waste it has been. The is almost always excluded from Google searches. Gann’s Agency would be a better title than The Gann Agency. Believe it or not The is a very difficult word to convey through a phone conversation.

Imagine the following:

What’s your email?

nick @ THE

D Gann Agency?

No ma’am, The, T H E, T as in Tom, H as in Harry..

I think you get the point. It wasn’t a good choice.

No one thinks about these things when coming up with a name for their business. Their emotions get involved and tend to pick something less effective. And when the name isn’t effective, it takes alot of money to make it pop. Alot!

If I could go back… Insurance of Arkansas

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