Info needed for Auto Quote

Information needed to get an Arkansas auto insurance quote

In this day and age people are hesitant to freely hand over their personal information. With identity theft on the rise, social security numbers, dates of birth, and even driver’s license numbers have never been more sacred. 

Remember when you’re Arkansas driver’s license number was your social security number? I’m sure one reason for this change was to better protect your identity. Even now, when you write a check (those of you who still write checks – sometimes we have to) they want your driver’s license number and state. No longer are they asking for the social. Reason: the driver’s license number is suffice when pressing charges for a hot check. In the past, maybe it wasn’t enough.

At The Gann Agency we quote lots of Arkansas auto insurance. We learned ealy on the detriment of quoting without all the pertinent information. Some folks are hesitant to give us their social security number. They’re fine with the date of birth and even the driver’s license number. But that social has become sacred. I completely understand.

I once had a person in Florida use my credit card to puchase something in New Jersey. I recently had my credit card used at Home Depot in California. California! I haven’t been to California in years! 

I’m careful with my personal information as well. Especially my credit card number.

And I’m careful with your information. All of us here at TGA are careful. We have a strict confidentiality policy. Our customer database is secure, and our office is paperless. In the event we write something down, we have a shred-it box. Nothing gets left unattended. If we leave our desk, our computers get logged off. When we leave for home, we take our laptops with us. If someone where to break into our office they would be severely disappointed.

Why am I telling you this? Remember how I said we learned early on the detriment of quoting without all the pertinent information? Without using your social security number, your date of birth, and your driver’s license number, and even your VINs, we get an absolute rate, not a ‘quote’. If you’ve ever signed up with an Arkansas auto insurance agency only to get a different rate once it’s been issued then this is most likely what happened.

At The Gann Agency we don’t give quotes without all of this info. We want the rate we give you to be solid. Rock solid! 

Rest assured, we take care of your personal information. We don’t play around. Auto insurance and your personal info are important, and therefore we take both very seriously.

Do I leave anything out? Are there any questions you have for me? Don’t hesitate to contact me.